Devoted to the world of TV and Media in which sound and music add such interesting colors to stories and images, Mastermind Production is a company which handles everything from music to sound design, speaks and mixes. Founded in 2006 it has been a great pleasure to work on some of the greatest TV shows, trailers and commercials.
Placed in the heart of Copenhagen, Mastermind Production is a company that thrives best among other creatives. Therefore, Mastermind Production has placed itself in a house of media which consists of photographers, journalists, an editors. All with separate work spaces – that come together whenever it’s called for. Be sure to read about our other fields of interest and work-in-progress projects under the ‘Improve it’ tab.
Besides our primary line of work, Finn Markwardt is Discipline Responsible Lecturer at Sonic College. For more information see: www.soniccollege.org

Finn Markwardt

Founder, composer and sound designer

With a record of more than 100 known jingles and plenty of sound production on various projects in and out of the country, Finn Markwardt is a firmly establish composer and engineer in the field of TV and media production.

Anders Halkier

Composer and sound designer

With a Bachelor degree in Music, and studies in Sound Design and film scoring Anders matches the profile of Mastermind Production perfectly. Anders has worked freelance as a composer and sound designer prior to his employment at Mastermind Production.